CSV Generator

Input Field

Content format

This part is the first step to build your own custom polar file.

You can paste any raw polar data coming from Virtual Regatta™, or choose a polar among the known boats in the side list.

Two formats are allowed in this field (examples below are informative only. Do not copy content from here):

    (1) The full message you get from the raw polar data:

    "@class"    : ".LogEventResponse",
    "requestId" : "636667522063500000_4",
    "scriptData": {
        "polar" :
        }       ,
        "rc"    : "ok"

    (2) The inner "polar" object:

    "_id"              : 8.0,
    "label"            : "mono/clipper_70_v2",
    "globalSpeedRatio" : 1,
    "foil"             : { […] },
    "hull"             : { […] },
    "winch"            : { […] },
    "tws"              : [ […] ],
    "twa"              : [ […] ],
    "sail"             : [ […] ]
Boat Selection

This list allows you to select a predefined polar data published from Virtual Regatta™.

Once you click a Boat Type, its polar data is automatically pasted into the input field and you are moved into the next step that is to select which sails and options you want into your custom CSV.


If you want to visualize the polar data used, or if you misclicked, you can always show back the list by using the [+] (Toggle Input Field) Button, and then click the Dropdown list:

Read Input Button

Once you provided raw polar data into the Input Field, either by pasting one from your clipboard, or by selecting one in the list, and before you can go anyfurther, you must click the [Read Input] Button.

That step will try to process the data provided, by extracting relevant pieces of information, like sails, speeds, boat options, and other numbers like foils range, global speed ratio, etc...

If the input data is malformed, an error will be displayed on the message banner.
If a } is missing at the end of the file for instance, the following message is thrown:

Otherwise, the Input Field is folded, and the Options Selector is opening.